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We are Entrepreneurs.
We are Operators.

PEMM Capital was founded by two Entrepreneurs who built their companies from the ground up. Starting from one employee and building to over 1000. Starting with one location and building to over twenty-five locations. Starting from zero sales and building to over $100MM in sales. Their combined 40+ years of operator experience coupled with our family office capital brings a unique solution when partnering with PEMM.

PEMM Capital is not your traditional Private Equity firm. We bring family office capital that is not tied to a time frame. We build a custom model to achieve your goals on your schedule. Imagine a model that cares and focuses on the PEOPLE in the business. PEMM Capital is a new type of firm, our core is to focus on the Founders, the Entrepreneurs, the Operators and the PEOPLE!

Build a true partnership, not just a relationship.

Let’s get started!

People centric collaboration.

PEMM Capital has built strong relationships with entrepreneurs in North America.  We align investors with entrepreneurs to achieve their short or long term goals.  No matter the opportunity, there will always be alignment to create ROI and value for ALL stakeholders.  

Partner with PEMM Capital

Our team has built a model that will benefit the Entrepreneurs and their business by providing real world, operator experience. PEMM Capital understands the challenges that come up throughout the journey of an Entrepreneur. We have built a model that focuses on three pillars that differentiate us from traditional private equity sponsors.


PEMM Capital specializes in privately held businesses looking for strategic leadership, capital growth, and development through our diverse network. We want to partner with you to take the journey together. We don’t just identify day to day issues, we collaborate and solve. PEMM Capital provides a value-added approach of entering the business to help build and scale.


In today’s world, financing for short-term capital has become cumbersome and requires a shift of Earth’s axis for you to get “approved”. PEMM Capital has an alternative solution for short-term bridge financing. We take senior and secondary debt positions and have the ability to close transactions much faster than traditional financing.


PEMM Capital has a combined 40+ years of entrepreneurial experience, and a broad network of resources. We “get our hands dirty” because that’s where the REAL business challenges are rooted. We will work closely with your executive team, and/or any level of your business to make your goals to come to life! We enjoy bringing our experience and challenging your business.